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A nontoxic, low waste, fun DIY you can do at home with simple ingredients. Perfect recipe if you or a loved one has chemical sensitivities! Many commercial cleaners and disinfectants contain harsh ingredients that can cause allergies + cause harm to our overall health. These chemical exposures have a long known history linked to infertility and cancer rates. Aside from that, many of these chemicals also have a detrimental effect on Earth’s ecosystem.

Make your own plant based all purpose cleaner using the following:

  • Orange peels (any Citrus peel work)

  • Vinegar

  • Recycled container (I reused a glass juice jar!)

  • Patience ;)


  1. Fill glass jar ⅔ with vinegar

  2. Add citrus peels until it is full

  3. Infuse it for 1-2 weeks

  4. Filter out orange peels and add to spray bottle

orange peels being infused in vinegar in a recycled glass container
Infusion process ~

The synergistic relationship between vinegar and orange peels creates a potent concoction that kills germs + is suitable for cleaning most surfaces. It also adds a natural citrus fragrance to the space.

Making your own natural cleaner is a great way to limit your exposures to chemical ingredients that can be negative to overall health. It's also important to be mindful of earth's resources and use materials to their full potential. Orange peels contain so many beneficial properties and are usually discarded. This earth day, lets meditate on ways in which we can minimize our environmental footprint for human and environmental health.

But 4 now,

Unleash ur inner scientist + get to work!

Notes / TIP:

  • Add rosemary, cinnamon or other herbs to add aromatic properties + additional benefits.

  • Can combine mixture with water in a 1:1 solution to clean most surfaces. (I use it straight up <33)

  • Do not store mixture in a plastic container. The vinegar will compromise the plastic! (& vice versa)

  • According to the EPA, vinegar is not considered a disinfectant. Meaning, it will kill most germs however, It is not as effective as bleach or commercial cleaners. Use, accordingly

  • Additional natural disinfectants you can use: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, hot water and some essential oils

  • Can infuse orange peels in vinegar for extra time (I did 4+ weeks ;)

  • Compost peels once done so that nutrients and biomaterial can return 2 earth <3

Did you try out the recipe? Comment your experience below :)



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